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As pet owners ourselves, we know the concerns that face pet owners when trusting someone else to provide care for their loved ones when they are not there. Finding the right person to entrust the care and well being for your "Fur Baby" is important, and we can assure you that you will find the best quality care with us. As far as our "babies" go we have a Blue and Gold Macaw, Severe Macaw, Peking duck, Quail, Ball Python, King Snake, Silver lace Wyandotte Chickens, assorted finches, Sulcata tortoise, and a Netherland dwarf bunny. We abide to the standards set forth by the ASPCA and USDA for animal care. We also maintain and update ourselves on the latest and greatest in pet care by attenting conferences and symposiums throughout the year.

Let us ease your mind for whatever reason that you may need when it comes to your pets. Whether you are leaving town and need a house and pet sitter or need someone to take your new puppy for a walk while you are at work. Take a look at the many
services we offer for your pets, and hope to hear from you soon!


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Saturday: 10am-1pm

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After hours, additional $5 for service

Convenience/Emergency Fee $20  for unscheduled appointments less than 24hrs.

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