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Easter and Springtime Pet Hazards

There are many hazards for your pet when it comes to the holidays. Be aware of the things that may harm their health.

1) Lily Flowers. Poisonous to cats

2) Chocolate. Poisonous to nearly all pets

3) "Easter Grass". Cats are curious and my injest this fine plastic.

For more information, click here to view the poison helpline.


Keep your pets cool during these hot summer days!
-Make sure your pet stays hydrated
-If the temperature is over 85 degrees put ice in your pet's water bowl, make ice bottles and place in their bed or make an ice block with their favorite treats or toys.
-If your pet has long fur, look into getting a summer cut
-Leave a small floor fan running so your pet can enjoy a refreshing breeze
-Provide adquate housing for outdoor pets. Do not have them in direct sun light.

Pets can suffer from heat related illness, look for the warning signs:
               -Rectal Temperature of more than 104 degrees
               -Rapid or Labored panting, open-mouth breathing
               -Very warm paws/ feet, ears
               - Pale to white gum color and inner eye lids
               -Listless or Collapses
               -Thick & Tacky saliva
               -Bloody Stool
               -Coma (and death)
-leaving your dog in the car.
-walking on asphalt or hot sand for long periods of time; it can burn their foot pads

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