Day Care

Day Care 4.5-8hrs.

-Additional dog:  $30

Extended Day Care (8+ hrs.)
Extra $3 per hour/dog

Half-Day Care 2.5-4 hrs.
-Additional dog:  $20

We can pick up and drop-off!              

Travel fees included up to 12 miles


All day care services include:


  • Play time or walks

  • Meal or snack (water too of course)

  • Text up-date, if desired


Special needs will be addressed on an individual basis.  If you need additional help or information, please click below.


You can drop off your pup with us or we can pick up. Daycare is truly an adventure for your dog! We travel all around town giving your dog the best time ever. Why go from home to another building when they could have the sense of freedom right at the tip of their nose! They will be able to make new friends, be safe, and expend some energy.


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Currently, both our Day Care and Hourly Walks/Adventures are ON-LEASH and OFF-LEASH. We spend 1-2hrs in each location, with a break in between each new location. Our Day Care clients visit 3 locations through the day, so there is no worry if they are bored.

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Our Hours

Normal Hours of Operation:

Pet Sitting and Boarding:
7 days a week

CLOSED Sundays
(except petsitting & boarding)

By Appointment Only

After hours, additional $5 for service

Convenience/Emergency Fee $20  for unscheduled appointments less than 24hrs.

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